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Val Cushing, Professor Emeritus, New York State College of Ceramics at Alfred University


 "Now that I've had the opportunity to see the full range of Tuska's work, I have no doubt at all, that Tuska is one of the important figures in art, at this time. The range of his work is truly awesome. I see drawing as the absolute heart of visual art, whether it becomes sculpture or painting or ceramics, drawing somehow pulls everything together. But Tuska has approached drawing in the sense of a renaissance master. That he is able to draw in ways that are eloquent and descriptive beyond the way that many of us use drawing, which is a way to think into a structure. Tuska has also made drawing a sort of an end in point. And then he's done the same thing with many media. Tuska did not attempt the kind of self promotion that allows people in a nation, world wide sense, to be aware of who you are as an artist. I think that will come to Tuska through the efforts of his son and others to present Tuska's work to a wider audience because it absolutely, in quality, is among the finest work I know. I see . . . the only difference is that the art world is not as aware of this artist as I think they will become."