The Muse

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“To feel confidant, a creative person has to create... Tuska can create anywhere…

and he has to create….  My only regret is that more did not know of him and his ability…..  I saw… and I tried…. But…. he always resisted….

Maybe one day…...”

 Miriam Judith Gittleman Tuska

April 27, 1931 – August 30, 1996

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“My bride”

Tuska’s force and reason for 40 years, his muse Miriam, shared the quality of life and inspired all around them.  Born in Newark, New Jersey, Mimi, as her family called her was raised in a Jewish home.  Her mother passed when she was 16 and her father was a prominent attorney and exporter.  She had an older brother Jonathan and younger sister Gilda.




With a desire to be a ceramist she found herself at Alfred University in western New York in the mid fifties.  Feeling a bit intimidated by the surrounding talent she felt the need to quit school and return home.  When she stumbled over a lanky young man at a party in New York City… life would change for life.  They were married on December 27, 1956 and would spend the rest of her life inspiring, nurturing, a lifetime model and the force and reason for her mutual muse, Tuska.

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A romance.  A fairy tale.  “I owe it all to my bride.”